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Data Grid Store (DGS)

Data Grid Store (DGS) - a vital part of the Festi Framework that helps you interact with data. DGS eases the use of various data access technologies, works seamlessly with both relational and non-relational databases, and simplifies map-reduce frameworks. Whether you're dealing with CRUD operations or handling data from diverse origins, DGS is your go-to solution for all data-related tasks.


As we navigate through a world that's rapidly becoming more data-centric, our clients frequently grapple with the management of vast amounts of data stored in their databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Cassandra, and more. A common requirement is an ability to modify this data, a process that often entails developers having to repetitively create CRUD functionalities for numerous data sources. This is where the challenge truly lies - the routine, recurring nature of this task. It's a mundane process that drains developers of their time and energy, diverting their focus from the more priority tasks.


To tackle this issue head-on, we developed the DGS component. DGS is designed to turbocharge the development process, significantly reducing both costs and time. It simplifies the use of data access technologies, as well as relational and non-relational databases, and makes working with map-reduce frameworks a breeze. This powerful tool is our answer to the challenge, enabling developers to focus their energy on more creative and innovative tasks.

Feature Highlights

Unified User Interface

DGS not only offers a unified interface for CRUD operations, but also manages access permissions seamlessly. If customization is required, DGS offers the flexibility to modify UI elements or forms according to your needs.

API Support

DGS is designed to work efficiently in API mode, providing CRUD functionality like a RESTful API. The beauty of DGS is that you can operate in both modes - editor and API, giving you the best of both worlds.

Extensive Database Support

With DGS, you have the flexibility to work with a wide range of relational and non-relational databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Cassandra. Should you need to support another database or storage system, DGS allows you to create your own driver.

Remote API and GraphQL Integration

DGS takes flexibility to a new level by allowing you to work with Remote API or GraphQL as if you were working directly with your own database.

Automated CRUD Functionality

DGS takes care of the heavy lifting by automatically generating Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations for your data. This not only frees developers from repetitive tasks but also provides various ways to customize the data pipeline flow.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By automating routine tasks and providing a unified interface for diverse data sources, DGS significantly reduces development time and associated costs, bringing immense value to your project.

Case Study

The Problem

Our client required a system to manage employee vacations and company expenses, with specific requirements for integration, user roles, and reporting. The estimated development time using Spring Boot was projected to be 30 days, which posed a challenge in terms of time and budget constraints.

The Solution

By utilizing Festi and the Data Grid Store (DGS), we were able to streamline the development process and meet the client's requirements efficiently. The DGS provided a powerful component that allowed us to rapidly create the necessary management screens and implement key functionalities such as Google Workspace LDAP integration, ACL support, and customizable vacation types. This significantly accelerated the development timeline.

The Result

Thanks to the capabilities of Festi and DGS, we successfully delivered the fully functional system in just seven days, a fraction of the originally estimated time. The client was impressed with the speed and quality of the solution, as well as the cost savings achieved. By completing the project in such a short timeframe, we saved the client 87% of their projected budget, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of the Festi framework and the DGS component.


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Benefits and Impact

Implementing DGS within your project can lead to a variety of benefits that ultimately result in a more efficient and streamlined development process.

Increased productivity

DGS automates repetitive tasks, freeing developers from writing manual CRUD operations. This allows them to focus on more innovative and valuable tasks, enhancing their productivity.

Faster time-to-market

With its automated CRUD functionality and support for multiple data sources, DGS significantly reduces development time, enabling quicker market entry for your products or solutions.

Flexibility & Adaptability

DGS's compatibility with various relational and non-relational databases, as well as its support for Remote API and GraphQL, makes it a versatile solution that can adapt to your specific project requirements.

Cost savings

The time and effort saved through DGS's automated processes can translate into substantial cost savings for your organization, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively.

Unified user interface

DGS offers a consistent user interface for managing CRUD functionality, streamlining the development process and simplifying access permissions management.

Customisation & Extensibility

DGS allows for the customization of UI elements, forms, and data pipeline flow, providing developers with the freedom to create tailored solutions that align with their unique requirements.

By leveraging the benefits and impact of DGS, you can empower your team to create more robust and efficient software solutions, driving success for your organization.


In a world where data is increasingly becoming the backbone of business operations, it's crucial to have efficient and flexible tools for managing this invaluable resource. The DGS component of the Festi Framework represents a groundbreaking solution that simplifies the often complicated and repetitive process of creating CRUD functionality across various data sources.

By automating routine tasks, DGS not only boosts developer productivity but also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with software development. It provides a unified user interface and extensive customization capabilities, making it a versatile tool that can adapt to diverse project requirements.

Whether you're a developer grappling with the complexities of data management or an organization looking to streamline your development process, DGS offers a compelling solution that can help you navigate the data-driven landscape with ease and efficiency.

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