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Asynchronous Services

Unlock the full potential of asynchronous services with Festi Async Framework. Designed specifically for PHP, this framework empowers you to build high-performance gaming servers, IoT device services, and data streaming applications. Harness the power of asynchronous processing and take your projects to new heights with Festi Async.


Traditional synchronous programming models can be limiting for applications that require real-time responsiveness, scalability, and high-performance. Asynchronous services are essential for handling concurrent requests, optimizing resource utilization, and delivering seamless user experiences. However, developing efficient asynchronous solutions can be complex and time-consuming, requiring deep knowledge of low-level programming.

With Festi Async, you can seamlessly incorporate asynchronous functionality into your applications, enabling efficient handling of concurrent connections, I/O operations, and event-driven programming. This framework is ideal for developing high-performance gaming servers, IoT device services, and data streaming applications.


Festi Async Framework addresses the challenges of asynchronous programming in PHP. It provides a robust and developer-friendly environment for building high-performance applications. By leveraging popular I/O libraries like libevent, libevent 2, libev, libuv, and Swoole, Festi Async offers unparalleled flexibility and performance for your projects.

Feature Highlights

Asynchronous Processing

Harness the power of asynchronous processing to handle concurrent requests efficiently.


Build highly scalable applications that can handle a large number of connections and requests.

Real-time Responsiveness

Deliver real-time updates and responses to users with minimal latency.

I/O Library Support

Benefit from compatibility with popular I/O libraries such as libevent, libevent 2, libev, libuv, and Swoole.

High-performance Gaming Servers

Create powerful gaming servers that can handle intense multiplayer experiences.

IoT Device Services

Develop efficient and responsive services for IoT devices, enabling seamless connectivity and control.

Data Streaming Applications

Build data streaming applications that process and deliver real-time data to users.

Festi Unity Networking (FUN)

FUN is a powerful Unity3D SDK that simplifies the development of room-based multiplayer games. It provides a rock-solid foundation for creating various types of games, including FPS, arcade shooters, RPGs, racers, sports games, MOBAs, and more.

Pre-built Plugins

Festi offers a range of pre-built plugins that enhance the functionality of your applications. These plugins include components for creating quests, achievements, leaderboards, and more. By leveraging these plugins, you can accelerate development and easily incorporate key features into your applications.

Case Study

The Problem

We received a request to develop a high-load service for a turn-based multiplayer game. The game required support for 4, 8, and 16 player PvP fights in a single room, along with additional features such as chat functionality, real-time PvP mini-games, daily and weekly tasks, and player inventory management. The frontend of the game was built using Unity3D, so the backend needed to be compatible with Unity3D and provide seamless integration.

The Solution

To address the client's requirements, we utilized Festi Async Framework, which includes Festi Unity Networking (FUN) as a key component. FUN is a reliable and robust networking framework specifically designed for room-based multiplayer games in Unity3D. It provides a comprehensive SDK for Unity3D developers, making it easy to integrate multiplayer functionality into their games. With FUN SDK, developers can focus on building the game itself while leaving the complexities of the backend to us. Whether it's an FPS, arcade shooter, RPG, RTS, racer, sports game, MOBA, or tower defense, FUN supports any type of room-based game on popular gaming platforms. Additionally, we have developed plugins that allow for easy creation of quests, achievements, and leaderboards, enhancing the gameplay experience for players.

The Result

By leveraging Festi Async Framework and Festi Unity Networking, we were able to provide a rock-solid backend solution for the turn-based multiplayer game. The client benefited from the FUN SDK for Unity3D, which simplified the integration of multiplayer functionality into their game. The game successfully supported 4, 8, and 16 player PvP fights, chat functionality, real-time PvP mini-games, and other features. With FUN handling the backend, the client was able to focus on creating an engaging gaming experience for their players.

Overall, the use of Festi Async Framework, including Festi Unity Networking and the FUN SDK for Unity3D, simplified the development process, provided a reliable backend infrastructure, and enabled the client to deliver a high-quality, room-based multiplayer game. The added plugins for quests, achievements, and leaderboards enhanced the gameplay experience and added depth to the game's mechanics.


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Benefits and Impact

Enhanced Performance

Festi Async significantly improves the performance of your applications, enabling faster response times and efficient resource utilization.

Real-time Responsiveness

Deliver real-time updates and interactive experiences to users, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Scalability and Flexibility

With Festi Async, you can easily scale your applications to handle increased user demand and growing workloads.

Benefit from the flexibility of choosing from popular I/O libraries, allowing you to adapt to different project requirements and environments.

Simplified Development

Festi Async simplifies the development of asynchronous applications, providing a high-level programming model and abstraction over low-level complexities.


Festi Async Framework empowers developers to unlock the full potential of asynchronous services in PHP. By providing a comprehensive set of features and support for popular I/O libraries, Festi Async simplifies the development of high-performance applications for gaming, IoT, and data streaming. Experience the power of asynchronous processing and elevate your projects with Festi Async Framework.

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