Powerful backend modules, integrated with best game engines allows you to build social multiplayer games with competitive features

Push Notification Service

Push Messaging

Use one backend to manage

all of the communications with

your players.

Data and User Storage

Data and User Storage

Get full control of your players

with all the information on players

history and their activity summary.

Turn-Based Game Service

Turn-Based Game Service

Enjoy turn-based or real-time

mode Festi multiplayer features.

Create game challenges to increase

players engagement.

Unity Networking

Unity Networking

The out of the box Unity3d Engine

integration is completely supported,

it is is simple and straightforward.

Leaderboards for Games

Leaderboards for Games

Analyze the performance of your

numerous players using Festi


Backend Game Events

Backend game events

Build the achievement system of any

kind and create the story or the quest

line for your game.

Scheduler Backend

Scheduler Backend

Set up the timetable for the backend

game scripts implementation. Run

game logic from the server side.

In APP Purchase

In APP Purchase

Once your user has purchased

something on any platform, it will be

available in their inventory when

they play on another platform.

Festi SDK


Use our Actionscript and Unity3d

SDK to add backend functionality to

your games.

Custom Data Storage

Custom Data Storage

Create your own custom cloud storage

space to save player data sach as

player game progress.

Start Building backend whith Festi Cloud