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Excerpt Release v5.2.14: Developer Workflow

Managing a development team effectively can be challenging, especially for small and medium-sized IT companies. The lack of performance data and transparency often hinders the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions. Excerpt addresses these challenges with its new Developer Workflow feature, a comprehensive solution designed to monitor, analyze, and optimize your development activities.

Release Notes


  • Development Activity: A new feature that allows you to see and analyze developer performance and activity. This feature integrates data from popular platforms such as GitLab, GitHub, DevOps Azure, and Bitbucket, providing a comprehensive view of your development team's productivity.
  • Delivery Statistics: This feature enables you to view delivery statistics by developer. It helps in analyzing risk and performance, offering insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your development processes.

Bug Fixes

  • Timesheet with Zoho Integration: Improved the accuracy of timesheet data and ensured seamless integration with Zoho.
  • Payments Constructor: Corrected issues related to payment assignments, ensuring accurate and timely processing.
  • Workflow Synchronization: Enhanced synchronization processes to ensure all users are accurately reflected across systems.

Transforming Development Management

Excerpt's Developer Workflow is specifically designed to meet the needs of IT companies by integrating seamlessly with popular source code and project management platforms. This feature provides a holistic view of your development team's productivity and performance, enabling you to stay informed and make proactive decisions.


Many software service companies struggle with a lack of performance data regarding developer activity. This lack of transparency, especially prevalent in outstaff models, makes it difficult to ensure quality and make informed, data-driven decisions. Without clear insights, it becomes challenging to monitor performance, predict potential issues, and optimize the development process


Excerpt's Developer Workflow module addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive monitoring and analysis of all development and agile activities. By integrating with leading source code and project management platforms, it ensures that you have real-time visibility into your team's performance and activities. This solution helps you stay informed about progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and make proactive decisions to maintain high-quality standards.

Feature Highlights

Source Code Integration

Integrates with GitLab, GitHub, DevOps Azure, and Bitbucket for complete source code activity visibility.

Task Tracking Integration

Includes time log integration with Jira, GitLab, and DevOps Azure for comprehensive task tracking.

Performance Data

Provides detailed data on logged time, commit lines, project involvement, and team contributions.

Verification Processes

Configurable verification processes for managers to ensure clear understanding of project status.

Development Metrics

Offers insights into commits per day, weekly coding days, average lines added, average lines removed, time to merge, and PR throughput.

Risk Analysis

Analyzes risk and performance to ensure projects are on track and meeting deadlines efficiently.

Project Configuration

Allows configuration of projects to use services like Jira, GitLab, GitHub, etc., with seamless integration.

Productivity Benchmarking

Shows Logged Time Rate (actually logged time versus total time that should have been logged within a month) to benchmark and evaluate productivity.


Quickly create business apps and scale across the enterprise


Benefits & Impact

Improved Transparency

Gain a clear and comprehensive view of developer activities, reducing the uncertainty and opacity typically associated with outstaff models.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Use real-time data to make informed, data-driven decisions that enhance project quality and efficiency.

Increased Productivity

Monitor performance metrics to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes, leading to higher productivity and better project outcomes.

Quality Assurance

Maintain high-quality standards by keeping track of performance results and mitigating potential delivery problems proactively.

Better Management Insights

Managers can access detailed reports and analytics, providing them with the insights needed to manage teams effectively and understand project progress thoroughly.


Excerpt's Developer Workflow module is a game-changer for software service companies seeking to enhance transparency, performance tracking, and decision-making. By integrating with leading platforms and providing detailed performance insights, it empowers you to monitor and optimize your development processes effectively.

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